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Flights from Sao Tome (TMS)

Flights from Sao Tome (TMS)

Travelling from Sao Tome

If you’re flying from São Tome, you’ll be pleased to know that TAP Air Portugal offers international flights to over 70 destinations in over 30 countries. With great on-board entertainment system and a friendly crew, you can kick back and relax as you travel from São Tome.

Depart from São Tome Airport

São Tome International Airport (TMS) offers cafes and areas where you can relax before your TAP Air flight. Get there even more relaxed by checking in up to 36 hours before your flight. Once you’ve boarded, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort of our modern aircraft.

Finding the airport

The best way to reach the airport from the towns and villages of São Tome is by car. It is roughly half an hour away from both Lagoa Azul and central resorts, but only 5km away from São Tome’s city centre. Start your journey today and book your flight from São Tome with TAP Air Portugal.