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Flights to Venezuela

Flights to Venezuela

Traveling to Venezuela

Home to the world’s highest waterfall, stretches of the soaring Andes Mountains, gorgeous Caribbean islands, rolling plains, and cosmopolitan cities, Venezuela really does offer something for everyone. A TAP Air Portugal flight to Venezuela offers high levels of in-flight comfort, along with tasty meals, and wide seats.

Best of Venezuela

Some highlights of Venezuela include:

  • Angel Falls is the highest waterfall on earth.
  • Merida is a top place for enjoying the photogenic scenery and wildlife of the majestic Andes Mountains.
  • Caracas, the country’s capital, is host to a number of key attractions, including Avila Mountain, the birthplace of South American Revolutionary and the man who helped secure independence for South America, the honoured Simon Bolivar, La Plaza Bolivar, and the traditional neighbourhood of El Hatillo.
  • Morrocay National Park boasts stunning islands lapped by crystal-clear waters and edged with lovely beaches.

Tips to Make the Most of Venezuela

The local currency can be confusing, so ask for some trusted local help or hire a guide. Brushing up on your Spanish is helpful if you want to travel outside of Caracas. Start your adventure in comfort, fly to Venezuela with affordable flights from TAP and arrive rested and ready to go!