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Flights to Praia (RAI)

Flights to Praia (RAI)

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Praia is the capital of Cape Verde, situated on the nation archipelago’s largest island. Explore the local Portuguese-African culture, and soak in the rays on this exotic island. Start your next holiday right – fly to Praia with TAP Air Portugal and get the best in-flight comfort and technology, featuring our OnAir Wi-Fi and on-demand entertainment systems.

What to Enjoy In Praia, Cape Verde

Many sights make Praia a wonderful but undiscovered locale for your next holiday:

  • Visit the old Anglo-French War posts around the city including one used in the Battle of Porto Praya.
  • Sail along the Achada Grande plateau and take in Praia’s countryside.
  • Visit the Ethnographic Museum to learn about the vast history of the city. To explore other landmarks, visit the Presidential Palace and other governmental buildings around Praia’s city square, Praça Alexandre Albuquerque.
  • Take your pick of beautiful beaches to relax, sunbathe, and swim. The closest to Praia is Quebra Canela.

Praia Travel Tips

Praia is sunny, so bring sunscreen! Temperatures in Praia are consistent at around 25 to 30 degrees Celsius. Also, rain is more likely during the middle of the year. No matter the weather, save big when you book your flights to Praia with TAP Air Portugal!

Weather in Praia

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28 °C Saturday 24/10/2020
28 °C Sunday 25/10/2020
28 °C Monday 26/10/2020
28 °C Tuesday 27/10/2020
27 °C Wednesday 28/10/2020
28 °C Thursday 29/10/2020
28 °C Friday 30/10/2020