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Flights to Trieste (TRS)

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A delightful city in north-eastern Italy, Trieste was a major influencer during Austro-Hungarian times. Today this diverse city combines different cultures with interesting architecture and pleasant views of the Adriatic Sea, making Trieste perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Fly to Trieste with TAP Air Portugal and start your trip on the right note, with easy online booking, convenient check-in options, and great on-board services.

Visiting Trieste

Experience Trieste’s varying local cultures:

  • Explore the beautiful Citta Vecchia, Trieste’s old town, with narrow streets and traditional architecture.
  • Soak up the views from the walls of San Giusto’s castle and enjoy some serenity in the cathedral.
  • Visit Miramare Castle with its enchanting architecture and beautiful sunsets.
  • Feel like you entered another country when you stroll the streets of the Austrian Quarter.

Tips for Enjoying Trieste

The city has some lively festivals throughout the year, including January’s Film Festival and October’s sailing event, Barcelona. Walking is the best way to enjoy the city; take it slowly and admire the charms, pausing to munch on some tasty Slovenian and Austrian inspired meals. Grab a deal on your flight to Trieste and book without delay!