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Flights to Russia from 130 EUR

Flights to Russia from 130 EUR

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Lisbon (LIS) - Moscow (DME)

Departure 28/01/2019
from130 EUR

Porto (OPO) - Moscow (DME)

Departure 24/12/2018
from140 EUR

Funchal (FNC) - Moscow (DME)

Departure 20/12/2018
from180 EUR

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Flight Type
Lisbon (LIS)
to Moscow (DME)
One Way
Departure 11/03/2019
130 EUR
Porto (OPO)
to Moscow (DME)
One Way
Departure 24/12/2018
140 EUR
Funchal (FNC)
to Moscow (DME)
One Way
Departure 12/03/2019
180 EUR
*Best fares for flights found by others in the last 48 hours

Traveling to Russia

A huge country that crosses both Europe and Asia, Russia boasts vibrant cities, rustic villages, dramatic landscape, and a plethora of historical and cultural attractions. Famous for the ballet and circus, you’ll find many ways to enjoy your time in Russia. Check out TAP Air Portugal’s great deals on flights to Russia, and, whether flying economy or in TAP Executive business class, you’re sure to have a pleasant trip.

Must-see Russia

Highlights of a trip to Russia include:

  • Visiting Red Square, St Basil’s Cathedral, and the Kremlin in Moscow, and spending an evening at the Bolshoi Theatre.
  • Marvelling at an abundance of art at the Hermitage, and enjoying St Petersburg’s elegant architecture and refined atmosphere.
  • Seeing sights from the Olympic Games in Sochi.
  • Heading to the Black Sea or Caspian Sea coasts to enjoy the beaches.
  • Seeing a different side of Russia in the eastern city of Vladivostock.
  • Witnessing the stunning splendour of Lake Baikal.

Russia Travel

Taxis can be expensive, so use expansive networks of the metro, trains, and buses. The Trans-Siberian Express is a popular way of traversing the country. However you get around, arrive in comfort and style when you fly to Russia with TAP Air Portugal.