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Flights to Graciosa (GRW)

Flights to Graciosa (GRW)

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Graciosa Island, known as the White Island, is the most northern island out of the Central Azores Islands. The volcanic island was one of many that were explored by the Portuguese in the 15th Century, and today it is visited by tourists for its historic churches, mountains and amazing views. Book your flight to Graciosa Island with TAP Air Portugal today, and get amazing deals.

Experience Graciosa Island’s Beauty

There are many great things to do in Graciosa Island:

  • Enjoy the natural landscape by hiking the mountainous regions and looking over the picturesque views of the centuries-old buildings on the island.
  • Head underground to explore the Furna do Enxofre cave and learn about the amazing volcanic history of the island.
  • If you love being by the sea, diving and fishing are popular activities around the island, as well as kayaking and sailing across the bays of Santa Cruz.

What to Remember about Graciosa Island

There is a small residential village on the island called Caleta de Sebo, but visitors tend to stay in Santa Cruz da Graciosa. Ferries can take you to and from Lanzarote and surrounding islands to explore further afield. Want to experience all this and more? Book your flight to Graciosa Island with TAP Portugal today and get huge discounts!