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Flights to Beira (BEW)

Flights to Beira (BEW)

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Visiting Beira? The second-largest city in Mozambique, on the coast of the Indian Ocean, offers incredible views and weather. Your journey to this populous and green region starts with TAP Air Portugal. From OnAir Wi-Fi and extra-large seats to online check-in and great discounts, we offer the most enjoyable flights to Beira!

Discover Beira’s Treasures

Beira is home to cultural and historic treasures:

  • Beira cathedral is a great place to meet local people and enjoy some quiet time in the middle of the beautiful, natural land.
  • The Macuti lighthouse and shipwreck are exciting sights. The lighthouse is functioning, but the shipwreck right next to it is a real mystery!

Before You Travel

Beira has plenty of taxis available to hire from the street, as well as car hire shops for those willing to drive. Just make sure you always have your ID! There is also a ferry service across the Rovuma River, which is perfect for explorers. Start your journey today by booking your flight tickets to Beira with TAP Airways!

Weather in Beira

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21 °C Saturday 08/08/2020
22 °C Sunday 09/08/2020
26 °C Monday 10/08/2020
23 °C Tuesday 11/08/2020
25 °C Wednesday 12/08/2020
23 °C Thursday 13/08/2020
22 °C Friday 14/08/2020