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Flights from Nampula (APL)

Flights from Nampula (APL)

Travelling from Nampula

Travelling for work or as a treat, you won’t get a better flight from Nampula than with TAP Air Portugal. With extra-large seats that transform into beds, anti-allergy pillows, free noise-reduction headphones and on-board Wi-Fi, you’ll be flying in luxury.

Flights from Nampula Airport

Nampula Airport (APL) is a small facility in the north east of Mozambique. The airport connects with TAP Air Portugal to offer amazing deals on flights from Nampula. Relax in their café and restaurant before settling in TAP’s modern aircrafts with entertainment systems and OnAir Wi-Fi.

Finding Nampula Airport

Nampula airport is located right next to the city, just 20 minutes away by car and 6 km from the city centre. The airport can also be reached by taxi, but there is no bus service from the city. Head to the TAP Air Portugal website today and make your booking for your flight to one of over 70 destinations!