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Flights to Iguazu Falls (IGU)

Flights to Iguazu Falls (IGU)

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Explore the behemoth Iguassu Falls, situated right on the border of Brazil and Argentina. This massive waterfall is one of the most beautiful scenes you’ll experience. Best of all, you don’t have to break the bank to get a flight to Iguassu Falls – check out for great prices and luxury from TAP Portugal!

What Are the Falls Like?

The small city of Foz do Iguaçu at first hides the incredible beauty of Iguassu Falls. Picture this:

  • The waterfalls are up to 82m in height, and approximately 2.7km in length. This waterfall system is the largest in the world!
  • The name “Iguassu” comes from the native languages of Guarani and Tupi meaning “water” and “big”.
  • The main space where water goes through is called the Devil’s Throat chasm (Garganta do Diabo).
  • Explore the many walkways on the Brazilian and Argentinian sides of the waterfall for perfect views for the photographer in you.

Iguassu Falls Travel Tips

While in Iguassu Falls, ride a boat up to the falls, or fly high above them in a helicopter. You can also hike around the area’s mountains. For low prices with sky-high comfort on flights to Iguassu Falls, book with TAP Air Portugal today!

Weather in Iguazu Falls

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