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Flights to Tangier (TNG)

Flights to Tangier (TNG)

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Tangier is one of the larger cities in northern Morocco. Sitting on the North African coast, Tangier is home to a rich history of colonialism and has since been a major destination for Western diplomats and writers. If you want to experience the Blue and White City, be sure to book with TAP Air Portugal. With discount flights to Tangier and seats that transform into beds, you get luxury on a budget.

What to do in Tangier

Tangier is home to museums, palaces, historic architecture and luxurious resorts.

  • The American Legation Museum was the first American public property outside of the US and is now used to commemorate diplomatic relations with Morocco.
  • Cape Malabata is a popular tourist destination, a cape with amazing sea views, its own early 20th Century castle and a lighthouse.
  • Experience national history at the Forbes Museum of Tangier, founded by Malcolm Forbes.

Getting Around Tangier

Tangier has a great public transport network, with trains, buses and taxis available to take you around the city and beyond. There are two long-distance bus stations available, and private transfer companies are available with English-speaking drivers. Start your journey today by booking flight tickets to Tangier with TAP Air Portugal!

Weather in Tangier

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