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Flights to Sao Tome (TMS)

Flights to Sao Tome (TMS)

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São Tomé and Príncipe is a Portuguese speaking island nation off the West African mainland just 2km north of the equator. The island enjoys a tropical climate with average temperatures of 27°C year round. A peaceful and relaxed destination, São Tomé is home to amazing forests and wildlife, quiet, white, sandy beaches and dramatic rock formations. Book a flight to São Tomé with TAP Air Portugal today and get amazing deals.

Attractions in São Tomé

  • The Pico Cao Grande (Great Dog Peak) in the Obo National Park is a needle-shaped volcanic plug that towers over the landscape of virgin rain forest. The top is often lost in the mist.
  • The São Sebastiao Museum in the ruins of a fort built in 1585 enjoys stunning views of the bay. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will offer insights into the local history.
  • Ilheu das Rolas is a tiny island with its own small resort, a great place for tourists to relax with a drink.

How to explore São Tomé

São Tomé mostly relies on its road infrastructure, offering buses and taxi cabs throughout the island. The best way to get around the resorts is walking or booking a car. Start your journey today with Tap Airlines and book your flight to São Tomé and Príncipe now!

Weather in Sao Tome

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26 °CTuesday15/10/2019
26 °CWednesday16/10/2019
25 °CThursday17/10/2019
26 °CFriday18/10/2019
27 °CSaturday19/10/2019
26 °CSunday20/10/2019
26 °CMonday21/10/2019