Flights to Palmas (PMW)

Flights to Palmas (PMW)

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Visit Palmas, a Brazilian state capital that is on the rise! This city was formed from agricultural lands in 1990, and since then has developed rapidly for businesses and culture in the area. Join the excitement and fly to Palmas with TAP Air Portugal! Our Portuguese hospitality, comfortable aircraft, and OnAir Wi-Fi will prepare you for your adventure in Palmas.

Palmas: A City of Luxury

There are many things worth doing in Palmas:

  • Travel up the hills to Taquaruçu, a village and ecoresort famous for its many waterfalls.
  • Practice your rock climbing and zip line skills around the city’s natural rock formations.
  • Visit the symmetrical park located in the middle of the city.
  • Head to the nearby Tocantins River to relax and take in the sun.

Tips for Travel

As you enter Palmas, prepare for added rainfall during the later parts of the year – after all, you’re between the Amazon Rainforest and the Brazilian savanna. The city’s public transit is well planned so you can get where you’re going easily. To start your journey, book your flight to Palmas with TAP Portugal today!