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Flights to Romania

Flights to Romania

Traveling to Romania

Known as the home of the formidable Dracula’s Castle, Romania is also great for beach-lovers, culture vultures, and those who have a penchant for history. Fly to Romania with TAP Air Portugal and arrive in one of more than ten airports around the country. We pride ourselves on making your travel as hassle-free and convenient as possible, so you can also book your transfers, accommodation, car rental, and more – all on our website.

Holidays in Romania

Planning a Romanian trip? Try these spots:

  • Head to the Black Sea Coast and relax on the Romanian Riviera in resorts like Mamaia, Jupiter, Eforie Sud, Vama Veche, Venus, and Costinesti.
  • Visit Bran Castle (Dracula’s Castle) and explore the nearby medieval city of Brasov.
  • Enjoy summer hiking, winter skiing, and year-round amazing views in the Carpathian Mountains and the Transylvanian Alps.
  • Check out Bucharest’s towering monuments, the open-air Village Museum, Mitropoliei Palace, Plumbuita Monastery, and more.
  • Soak up the beauty of Oradea, Sibiu, and the Fargaras Mountains.

Travel Tips for Romania

Public trains connect many parts of the country, and a ride on the tourist trains provides wonderfully scenic views. For more flexibility, rent a car to explore the second-largest country in Europe. Wherever you head for your holiday, book your flights to Romania with TAP today!