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Flights to Belfast (BHD)

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Belfast in the 21st Century is a city begging to be re-discovered! The city’s architectural gems are shining alongside new restaurants, hotels, museums, and more, and its recent history is helping redefine how we deal with the past. To see this recent rebirth, fly to Belfast with TAP Air Portugal today – both our prices and the city will pleasantly surprise you.

Discover Belfast’s history

Belfast’s history is as old and varied as anywhere in the United Kingdom:

  • Climb to the top of Belfast to visit Belfast Castle, built in 1870, and get sweeping views of this charming dock city.
  • Learn about the recent and ancient history and culture of Ulster at the Ulster Museum.
  • The Botanic Gardens has its own Victorian glasshouse and huge grounds with flowers and plants from all over the world.
  • Stroll the historic centre and pop into modern restaurants and shops for a true feeling of old meets new.

Belfast Transportation

Belfast’s public network of buses and trains provides easy access to landmarks across the city and beyond, though transportation via car is very common. Begin your trip to Belfast by booking your flight with TAP Air Portugal today!