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Flights to Algeria

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Traveling to Algeria

The largest country in Africa, Algeria is an interesting destination that really offers something different. From long sandy stretches of coastline and soaring rugged mountains, to vast expanses of desert and vibrant cities with plenty of history and culture, Algeria ticks all boxes. Fly to Algeria with TAP Air Portugal and enjoy great service in our award-winning economy and executive classes.

Must See Algeria

Some terrific things to do in Algeria include:

  • Enjoying the narrow streets of the historical walled heart of the capital of Algiers and strolling past its elegant colonial buildings.
  • Taking a trip into the scorching Sahara Desert.
  • Enjoying the beaches, nightlife, and energy of the “Second Paris” at Oran.
  • Soaking up the Moorish heritage of Tlemcen.
  • Hiking in the Hoggar and Atlas Mountains.

Explore Algeria

Whilst Arabic is the country’s main language, you’ll be able to communicate if you can speak some French. Taxis are a common way of travelling between near destinations, and road conditions are good. Only use a 4x4 vehicle if you are driving out to the Sahara region. Grab a great deal and book your TAP flight to Algeria today!