Flights to Panama City (PTY)

Flights to Panama City (PTY)

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If you’re travelling to Panama City, you’ll get the best deals when you book with TAP Air Portugal. Get ready to discover this modern city with a man-made canal and colonial era landmarks. Start your adventure by booking your flight to Panama with TAP today!

Amazing Things to See in Panama City

Panama’s canal is just one of the amazing things you’ll see. Panama City has many more, such as:

  • Panama Viejo is the ruins of a colonial-era cathedral, and somewhere you can learn about the city and country’s history.
  • Bridge of the Americas is a giant, modern bridge that’s truly a sight to behold.
  • Visit Panama’s Casco Viejo, you can enjoy walking and discovering the old town during the day, and explore its restaurants and bars at night.

Visiting Panama City

As the capital of Panama, there is a large population and plenty to do and see. The centre is cobblestoned and historic, though also surrounded by huge skyscrapers and luxury hotels. You can rent luxury cars or taxis through the city, although the bus network can also take you everywhere you need to go. Experience this wonderful, modern place by booking your flight to Panama City with TAP Airlines.